From 1994 we have released the following products:


  • Aide-GTP (Aide Guideline Technology Platform):

  • NBS app: App for the Newborn Screeningl.
  • BRCA EHR: Database for the breast cancer.


  • Guide Composer®: Editor for Guideline Development Group.

  • Guide Choreographer®: Editor/generator of computerised clínical guidelines.

  • Guide Portal®: Executable clinical guidelines portal for health professionals.
  • eGuider: Website for the Clinical Practice Guidelines.

  • Guider: Website for clinical guidelines, protocols and clinical cases.


  • GuidMEx (Guidelines Modelling and Execution): Technological platform to support the developing process of clinical guidelines.


  • Mairi: Web services enabled inference engine.


  • Beagle: Search engine for plagiarised material through heaps of text documents.


  • Teseo: Inference engine for Clinical Practice Guidelines.
  • SPK: DSS for supporting the software development process.
  • Lenteja (Library for Endowment of Text with Java): Library for the implementation of text document repositories.
  • Pimiento (Platform Independent Text Mining Engine Tool): Framework for Text Mining.
  • PLATO (Platform for Large-scale Automatic Text Operation framework): Software architecture that provides text mining services and functionalities to general-purpose applications.
  • PROMAF (Process Mangement Framework): Software framework that contains general reusable resources for web processes management.
  • Arnasa-mobile: DSS for supporting the treatment of infant asthma over mobile devices.
  • Arnasa: DSS for supporting the treatment of infant asthma.


  • EHSIS: Decision Support Systems shell based on production rules.


  • Diabetes-I: Decision Support System for supporting the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus type I.