Research Interests

Within the overall objective of Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Medical Informatics, the group will focus on on the following research areas:

  • Classification methods based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, fuzzy inference systems, genetic algorithms and neural networks.
  • Formal verification methods of processes.
  • Learning based on text mining and data.
  • Connecting Electronic Medical Records and complementary information to clinical guidelines.
  • Methods and capture, development, implementation and management of clinical knowledge processes.
  • Generation of executables and graphically navigable clinical guidelines.
  • Evaluation of DSS.
  • Methods and technologies for the development of clinical guidelines which are executable execution platform´s independent.
  • Methods and technologies for building Web portals containing executable clinical guidelines.
  • Systematization of software development through Model Driven Software Development.
  • Interpretation and evaluation of documents using Text Mining techniques.

In our long journey from 1994, as well as publications in the area, we have built:

  • Inference engines as EHSIS and Mairi.
  • Technological platforms for the development of clinical guidelines based DSS and their components.
  • Clinical guidelines based DSS for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases: diabetes, asthma, hyperammonemia, etc.
  • Screening methods such as the Newborn Screening.
  • Web portals that publish executable clinical guidelines for different diseases: e-GuidesMed, Guider and eGuider.